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Al Anwar Al Babylia

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About Us

Company Story

Al Anwar Al Babylia Co. is one of well-known Iraqi companies, licensed and registered by the Iraqi trade ministry since 1990’s. It's head quarter in Baghdad-IRAQ. The company started as a contracting bureau named (AL HILLA BUREAU), the civil construction division’s initial activities involved a lot of construction contracts. The bureau rapidly developed with more contract work under different names and perform larger construction and supply contracts for government organizations and the private sector. With the vast expansion of its work and increase in the capital of the company it takes its own part in the remarkable and dramatic development of New Iraq and the company has always accepted challenging opportunities and was able to adapt and utilize proven experience and advanced technologies to all operations finding the optimum engineering and construction solution to our unique rehabilitation challenges. The company had achieved successful engineering projects combining the vocabulary scientific engineering with practical scientific application. The Company headed by a developed management and long experienced staff in the field of specialization.

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Services Provided

Our Offerings

Civil & Architecture

  • Design & Executing all the works related to Construction, Extension, Demolishing, Rehabilitation

  • Roads, Bridges, Railways, Airports, Dams, Water Tanks, Earthworks, Pavements.

  • Engineering Surveying 

  • Area development & Infrastructure works 

  • Water Treatment Stations

  • Asphalting

  • Foundations

  • Land Reclamation 

  • Culverts 

  • Repair of Highways, Roads & Paving 

  •  Steel Structures. 

Mechanical Contracts

  • Installation, Maintenance Machines, Equipment’s & Generators.

  • Manufacturing, Furnishing Caravans, Living Trailers.

  • Manufacturing Water tanks for portable Water Treatment Units, Fuel Tanks.

  • Piping, Water Sewage Networks, HVAC…. 

Electrical Contracts

  • Power Stations

  • Switchboards

  • Electrical Networks, Communication Towers.

  • Electrical Maintenance 


  • Supplying materials to anywhere inside/outside Iraq, including not limited:

  • Electrical, lightening, generators, transformers, power transmissions & motors.

  • Plumbing & Janitorial, Pipes, Tubing, Hoses and Fittings.

  • Process Control and Instrumentation

  • Storage Equipment’s & Material Handling.

  • Firefighting and Safety Equipment.

  • Oil & Gas Equipment & Devices. 

  • Hand Tools, Measuring, Fabricating, Cutting Tools

  • Pumps & Filtering 

  • Caravans, Living Trailers, Containers

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Our History

Humble Beginnings

The Company is fully equipped to undertake all kind of structural, road and building works.

Listed below some of our achieved projects in Baghdad of New Iraq, which covers site development, grading, site utilities, paving, building foundation, grade slab, steel structure, architecture and finishes, HVAC system, plumbing and water system, electrical and power supply system, telecommunication and firefighting system.

  • District Potable Water Network Rehabilitation 

  • Supply and Construct Generator and Water Pump Station in different areas. 

  • Pavement of Many Roads

  • Rehabilitation of schools and district buildings. 

  • 500 KVA Generator supply 

  • Heavy water drainage & sewage networks 

Construction Workers
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Man Welding

Projects with I.R.D

  • ERSHAD Primary school rehabilitation 

  • AL MASARAH social events center construction  

  • DHUHA Primary school rehabilitation

  • FUSTAT primary school rehabilitation.

  • Rehabilitation of potable water reservoir.

Al Gazalia cleaning campaign.

Works under US ARMY supervision

  • Construction of schools in al tarmia, mishahda area and Al Taji district under supervision of 1st Lt.FORD in the 4th Division -Taji, 5th Eng.Unit

  • Construction of civil council building in Al Taji.

  • Supply generators 500 KVA with Civil affairs unit

  • Construction of medical unit, vehicles in Sab al bour, 

  • Performing a lot of direct projects with I.R.D

  • Work with PCO for supplying ambulances.

Technicians at Work
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Contact Us

E.909 St.18 H.5 Al-Jadreea, Baghdad-IRAQ

+964 7730 964313

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